Every year, Middelfart Municipality awards the Climate Baton to a resident, a group, a company or a project that makes an extraordinary effort for the field of climate change.

Middelfart Municipality wishes to be at the forefront in the field of climate change. Both in terms of climate change prevention and in terms of adapting to the climate of the future.

The purpose of the Climate Baton is to focus on the field of climate change in Middelfart Municipality, including providing inspiration for preventive initiatives and raising the awareness of individuals, companies, organisations, associations and authorities of the importance of climate adaptation. The Climate Baton will help to create an interest in and understanding of the development and implementation of new innovative, concrete climate projects.

The Climate Baton is awarded to projects that link climate concerns with learning, business growth and/or urban development. Candidates for the Climate Baton must work on new solutions in the field of climate change and may, for example, be found amongst the various partnership projects that are being worked on in Middelfart Municipality. The projects must focus on creating value in a broad sense (socially, economically and in relation to sustainability).

Every year, the city council gives the prize to a climate project.

The prize consists of a diploma and the Baton itself, a CNC-milled oak tree in stainless steel standing on an oak block. The Climate Baton is manufactured at Middelfart Produktionsskole/Trade School in a collaboration between the metalwork and woodwork shops.

A tree is chosen because it symbolises life. It is trees that convert nitrogen into oxygen and are thus the lungs of the earth.

The stability of the tree depends on it having strong roots. We need to set roots and create a strong foundation that the next generation of climate protectors can build on.

The trunk of the tree is a solid base, on which new shoots (ideas) can grow strong and set new seeds for new trees that can become a part of the struggle for a sustainable society.


The assessment is made by a jury consisting of:

  • 2 city councillors
  • The winner of last year's Climate Baton
  • 1 representative from Middelfart Municipality business community
  • 1 resident (candidates are found via advertisement in the local paper/on the website)
  • 1 municipal employee

In 2018, the jury comprised:

Peter Hussum Nielsen (Green City Brenderup), Marianne Nielsen (Strib School - last year's winner), Kim Svaneborg Pedersen (Middelfart Business Council), Paw Nielsen (City Council), Bo Juul Nielsen (City Council) and Morten Westergård (Climate Official, Middelfart Municipality)


Climate Baton 2017

Middelfart Municipality's 2017 Climate Baton is awarded to companies and climate counsellors at primary schools - committed to making endeavours and making a difference in the "Climate Laboratory – next generation ". The purpose of the project is to generate real knowledge amongst pupils and companies on climate and energy. A unique educational model, the "Push model" on enterprise and innovation will be used. All the 12 state schools of the Municipality participate together with 12 companies. We award it to show our appreciation of the will to work with climate challenges in the children's learning environment.


Climate Baton 2018

Middelfart Municipality’s 2018 Climate Baton is awarded to Føns Nærvarme/ Føns Local Heating Station.

Middelfart Municipality wishes to acknowledge and reward the people who make exceptional efforts for our climate.

Føns have done that. They are true role models, which today have made a green transition and have established a CO2-neutral heating system. A plant that is visited by a lot of people from far off who wish to learn from it.

A unanimous jury awards the prize to Føns Nærvarme for making a dedicated effort that makes a difference.

Føns Local Heating Station has been selected based on several parameters:

  • Concrete effect - Does it make a different, do you reduce your emission of greenhouse gas?
  • Participation - Have you engaged with the local community?
  • Vision - Is there a vision and an idea that has also been a driving force?
  • Knowledge sharing – do you share knowledge, insight and learning?
  • Distribution potential - is it something that could advantageously be done in other places?
  • Have you shown courage and commitment to realise it?
  • And, finally, have you done it with your heart, done it whole-heartedly?