The city council of Middelfart Municipality wants communities and green transition. For this reason, the Municipality is involved in project Co2mmunity which will support the establishment of communities that develop and implement renewable energy projects.

A very good example of what we would like to see more of is e.g. the project in Føns where, for many years now, the residents have worked for sustainability and have now created Denmark's newest and smallest district heating plant.

We are busy with other co-creation and community projects. We will tell you more about this, just like the website will be updated.

In collaboration with Vejle, Kolding, Fredericia, Billund and Vejen Municipalities, we have e.g. tested and completed the first attempt in Denmark to help residents to "collectively purchase heat pumps". This is a natural extension of residents' meetings which provide information about alternatives to oil tanks. We take the view that the municipalities should provide much more support to their residents in this way.

One of the residents with a new heat pump purchased through the residents’ collective purchase of heat pumps.

In collaboration with the residents of Brenderup, efforts are being made to establish a resident and solar panel park. The ambition is that the residents will be able to produce sufficient energy for their own consumption.

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