Smart Energy at Home is one of Denmark's largest technology projects with intelligent management of private homes. Since 2012, more than one billion energy-related data has been collected which is now used in the work on the sustainable energy solutions of the future.

Project Smart Energy in the Home has been developed and implemented in collaboration with Bolius, Realdania, Passiv Systems, the Danish Building Research Institute.

New insights into Danish energy consumption

From 2012, almost 200 homeowners in Middelfart Municipality have contributed to the knowledge development in the project by opening their homes.

The participants live in typical Danish single-family houses. Many have now achieved significant savings in heating costs. The average saving in heating costs was seven percent - but it covers large differences. Also the project demonstrated that remote energy consulting is feasible, where consultants give suggestions on energy-savings sole based upon data and analyse of data. Finally the project gave insights in buildings contribution to development of the futures smart grid system.

During the experiment, data was logged in intervals of between 15 seconds and 24 hours.

KTCs Innovation Award 2016

Project Smart Energy in the Home received the KTC Innovation Award in 2016