With a total of six projects, Middelfart Municipality dominates the list of Denmark's 100 best climate projects, which Realdania and Sustainia published in 2018. This proves that Middelfart Municipality is at the forefront of adaption to and prevention of climate change.

In 2018, Realdania and Sustainia published the publication Climate 100 - 100 climate solutions from Danish municipalities. The report presents a bid for the 100 best Danish climate projects and, with six projects on the list - one of which is the first one that is described in the publication - Middelfart Municipality dominates the list of the 100 climate projects. And this pleases Mayor Johannes Lundsfryd Jensen (S).

“We have been working on green transition and green growth since 2007 when we became the new Middelfart Municipality, and this is the crowning glory. It is a recognition that the many things we have started have been an inspiration to the world around us. Our ambition has always been to find new ways and help pave the way in the climate challenge. So, when the world looks in our direction and is inspired, as we are inspired by others - well, then it really makes a difference,” says Johannes Lundsfryd Jensen.

The six projects that the Middelfart Municipality has contributed to the list of climate projects are varied. They cover everything from rainwater management over vertical geothermal bores to the new, sustainable city hall located at Nytorv.

"Despite the fact that we are a small municipality, only Copenhagen and Aarhus have had more projects included than us. This is primarily because we make concrete efforts. There are many who are good at setting goals. E.g. that we should be 80 percent something or other in 20-30 years but what we do is actually looking at what we can do here and now. That we can put solar panels on the roof of the city hall, handle rainwater in new ways and, together with the residents, create a new district heating plant in Føns. What changes the world are not goals but actions. And we are good at acting,” says Johannes Lundsfryd Jensen.

Also Thorbjørn Sørensen, Technical and Environmental Director of Middelfart Municipality, is pleased that the many climate projects of Middelfart Municipality have been recognised in the new publication.

"The work on climate change is about the long haul and the publication is a recognition and a pat on the back for the work we have done. We have good reason to be proud that we have had six projects this diverse included in the publication, but it does not stop here. We have lots of other projects and ideas in the pipeline,” says Thorbjørn Sørensen.

Download the entire publication for free (Opens in a new window). The publication is a total of 175 pages.


The six projects included in the publication are:

The Climate Garden: A nursing home parking lot was transformed into a thriving climate garden which handles rainwater and benefits the residents.

Nytorv – Middelfart Town Hall: The most sustainable city hall in Denmark which, amongst others, has a total of 700m2 solar panels installed on its roof.

The Climate Laboratory: An umbrella project which comprises a plethora of climate projects. Amongst others, energy upgrading, rainwater gardens and intelligent heat management.

The heat source of the future: As the first in Denmark, building lots in Båring near Middelfart were equipped with vertical geothermal bores which permits heat pumps to supply the homes with geothermal heat.

Smart Energy at Home: This project has proven that an average energy saving of 7% may be achieved in one-family homes – without making constructional changes to the home. Data from 200 homes in Middelfart forms the basis of this knowledge.

Joint climate change adaption: In the cross-municipal project, ten partners have joined forces to make it easier for municipalities, utilities, companies and landowners to handle rainwater on their own lands.