Klimafolkemødet in Middelfart is an annual event that puts climate at the top of the agenda for three days in early September.

Klimafolkemødet’s purpose is simply to inspire action – in decision-makers, companies, organisations and citizens alike.

The ambition with Klimafolkemødet is that it should cement itself as the national event that puts climate challenges seriously on the agenda and creates common solutions. Klimafolkemødet is a non-commercial event, and it is completely free to attend every day. Klimafolkemødet stands on three “legs”: a popular, a political and a professional.

The most recent Klimafolkemøde in 2022 was the largest held to date, with 21,000 people making their way to Middelfart.

The Region of Southern Denmark and Middelfart Municipality entered into a strategic collaborative agreement in 2019 to elevate Klimafolkemødet’s status in Middelfart from being a local event to becoming a national event. Its purpose is to create solutions to climate challenges and to inspire citizens, decision-makers, companies and organisations to action.

Klimafolkemødet is held in partnership with a large number of organisers, who contribute content to the year's program.

Klimafolkemødet is also held in week 35 from thursday to saturday at KulturØpladsen in Middelfart.
Read more about Klimafolkemødet at klimafolkemødet.dk (opens in a new window, only available in Danish).